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Speaking Topics

Tucker's keynotes draw from a decade of crossover experience as an artist in Silicon Valley to challenge leaders to engage with opportunities for growth by drawing from the surprising insight woven throughout the world of poetic thought. His keynotes, which blend poetic storytelling with business insight, are tailored to the audience's business context and offers customized takeaways in order to engage attendees from an angle that is at once aspirational while remaining direct, intimate, and relevant.


The Poet's Keys

The Artist's Guide to Unlocking Innovation

The last few years have been a merciless reminder to businesses that complacency will ruin us. Our competition is ferocious, customers expect more from us than ever, and the world is constantly one disruption away from shaking the very foundations of our successes to their bones. The truth is that we now have to live on the razor’s edge to even stand a chance of not being left in the dust. And yet, despite the challenges that these cataclysmic changes pose, McKinsey has found that only 6% of leaders feel fully tapped into their teams’ potential to nurture original thinkers who take an active role in authoring the future of their businesses.  

After spending a decade alongside world-class innovators at institutions like Stanford and Google, Tucker Bryant has discovered an unexpected perspective professionals can adopt to confront the future with confidence: the outlook of a poet. As a nationally renowned poet, Tucker has identified five powerful tools poets have relied on for millennia to unshackle themselves from their comfort zones and innovate through language - tools that offer business leaders the expanded perspective we need to weather our murkiest tomorrows. 

In this signature keynote performance, Tucker reveals how The Poet’s Keys™ empower leaders to unlock the doors to enhanced creativity, collaboration, and competitive advantage in the areas of our businesses that matter most. Audiences leave equipped with the tools to build a culture of creative disruption and bold exploration in every arena of their organizations so we’re set up to shape our business landscapes as industry leaders instead of remaining stuck in models of thinking that are bound for obsolescence.


Storycraft Mastery

Using Your Voice to Inspire Action

From boardrooms to living rooms, our ability to drive change hinges on how well we craft and share stories. In this skills-based experience, Tucker shares the highest-leverage storytelling concepts developed during his decade as an artist and tech marketer that enable us to transform our presentations into performances and leave an impact that far outlives our time on the figurative stage.

Audience members leave this experience with a firm grasp on a highly versatile blueprint for crafting a resonant story and with a toolkit of tactics for dynamic and engaging presenting that will enable them to immediately distinguish themselves as impactful storytellers.

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